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Wendover - Curriculum
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Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Chiltern Way Wendover is designed entirely to meet the needs of our students, and for that reason is very different to what you might find in a mainstream school. We have considered carefully what subjects our students need to study to be successful in the future, what subjects our students have an interest in and what other skills for life students need in order to support them in the workplace.

Curriculum Offer Years 7 - 11

Core Subjects:


English is taught to all year groups for 4 lessons per week. In Year 7 & 8 this is taught by form tutors and focuses on the core skills of reading and writing. As students move into the upper school, they start work on a range of qualifications which includes Step-up qualifications, Entry Level certificates and iGCSE English language.


Maths is taught to all year groups for 4 lessons per week in Year 7 & 8 and 3 in the upper school and focuses on core number skills, times tables and place values. As students move into the upper school, they start work on a range of qualifications which include maths award and iGCSE.


Science is taught to all year groups for 2 lessons per week and focuses on key topics such as cells, forces and chemical changes in year 7, 8 & 9. In Year 10 students begin studying for their BTech in Science, using their previous knowledge and areas of interest to plan their own investigations.



This area of the curriculum incorporates mechanics and construction. Students in the lower years get a taste for construction building on DT skills learnt in primary school designing a trebuchet and an infinity mirror. Students can select construction as an Option and work towards BTech Level 1 in Construction during Year 10 & 11.

Mechanics starts in Year 9 and students learn aspects of Health & Safety. Students can choose Mechanics as an option then work towards an industry standard Level 1 qualification from IMI during Year 10 & 11.


All students have 2 food lesson each week. In the lower year’s students learn a range of skills including pastry and how to use knives safely in the kitchen. In Year 9 students can start work on their BTech Level 1 qualification going on complete Level 2 in Year 10 & 11. Students also work on a Health & hygiene certificate.


All students have 2 PE lessons per week on site, learning to play a range of team and individual sports. Students also attend Caldecotte outdoor education centre once a week for the equivalent of 3 lessons, to experience things such as sailing and rock climbing. GCSE PE is offered as an option to start in Year 10, and students can also work towards a certificate of sports leaders in Year 10 or 12.

Land Based Studies:

Land based education incorporates bushcraft, horticulture and Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students do 1 lesson each week of horticulture and bushcraft in Year 7 & 8 learning skills such as safe fire building, outside cooking and den making. In Year 10 students start work on Duke of Edinburgh award which incorporates elements of learning a new skill, a sport and volunteering before culminating in the expedition in the summer term. Students can work towards the bronze and silver awards in Year 10 & 11 and Gold in Year 12 if they choose to stay for Post 16.

Life Skill:


All students have 2 lessons per week to cover topics such as racism, tolerance, sex and relationships, diversity and British values. In Year 10 students also work towards the BTech Level 1 in Workskills, focusing on core skills needed to be successful in the workplace such as interview techniques.

Social skills is also a large part of PSHE and lifeskills lessons, supporting our students to learn how to work as part of a team and communicate appropriately with peers.